Tiziana Terenzi – Laudano Nero: il profumo perfetto per l’inverno!

November is slowly but surely coming to an end, and December is quickly approaching. My favorite time of the year! Warm spiciness of autumn is blending with crispy air of first winter mornings, and zesty, nutty, sweet scents of festivities are filling up the air. I have chosen Laudano Nero to be my fragrant companion throughout... Continue Reading →

Mancera – Aoud Café

The smell of good coffee in the early hours is dear to every Seattleite's heart, and the golden bottle of Aoud Café is my favorite medicine for overcast days - it's a festive joy of velvety dark roast bitterness with woody undertones and just the right amount of fruity and floral hints. Actually, its sweetness... Continue Reading →

Sample Box: Fumerie November edition

I like to be surprised at times, and I believe sample boxes are fantastic for serving this purpose, without the inconvenience of leaving your home️. I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on Fumerie Parfumerie  November box for about a week now, as I took a day or two for each pair of scents to get acquainted.... Continue Reading →

Autumn by Dasein

Warm sunny days, spicy tea, long walks through the quiet allees. This is what I think of when I'm wearing Autumn, fragrance from Dasein. All perfumes that come from the west coast (where I currently reside, in the pacific north west) are special to me - let's just say, I'm very curious to try and... Continue Reading →

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