Sample Box: Fumerie December Edition

FU2December sampler box from Fumerie, one of my favorite perfume boutiques that’s located in Portland, OR. What’s in this box? I actually loved this month’s selection:

  1. Serge Lutens – Chergui
  2. Slumberhouse – Norne
  3. Lubin – Upper Ten
  4. ERIS – Mx.
  5. Masque Milano – Montecristo
  6. Jovoy – Private Label
  7. Ormonde Jayne – Ormonde Woman
  8. Boadicea the Victorious – Ardent
  9. Agonist – Vanilla Marble

Well, I’ll start with the ones that I’m very familiar with – Chergui, that is a very charming sweet tobacco scent which I absolutely cannot and will not wear as it turns into sticky animalistic sweetness on me *crying*, and stunning Norne that is probably one of the best coniferous woody fragrances out there, that also clearly says “black metal” :-). I don’t own a full bottle, but I’m once again convinced that I definitely should!

I loved Lubin’s Upper Ten for the complexity of sweet, zesty, leathery, woody and spicy, and especially for my favorite geranium note. Ardent is a fine rose-honey-patchouli classic scent, long-lasting too. Vanilla Marble – unusually cold synthetic vanilla and lots of sweet marzipan, I think it can be appreciated more in the summertime. Mx. – excellent spicy wood, classy and truly unisex. Private Label – definitely liked vetiver and labdanum here, but I believe it would perform better on men’s skin.

Ormonde Woman is a very gentle, subtle feminine perfume that also features grass, moss, spices and woody accords, but on my warmer skin (you can read more about it here) it quickly becomes a clear violet with some peppery and ambery notes, rather sweet, calm, warm and pleasant, definitely for staying in, not for going out. Montecristo – very, very intense animalistic scent, pretty wild, perhaps even a little “sticky dirty”. I don’t see myself wearing it when I’m around other people 🙂 But it’s definitely addictive in a way, very interesting fragrance for sure. And again, I think it would open much better on men’s skin.

Overall – this month’s selection is great, it’s pretty versatile too. If you did get Fumerie’s December sampler, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts and impressions!



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