Elixir by Penhaligon’s ♥ My B-Day SOTD

ElixirHugs & Roses!

I love December for many reasons, and one of them is too obvious – it’s my birthday month. Penhaligon’s Elixir is going to be my SOTD for the celebration – I feel that the richness of roses and color red are going to set a trend for me this December. Overcast sky and constant drizzle here in Seattle makes me dream of hot desert air, opulence of the Middle East and precious rose attars. Think of that and smoking incense and you will pretty much understand the classic composition of Elixir. Pretty bright note of eucalyptus elevates it and adds some aromatic tanginess. Brilliance in simplicity and undeniable quality, it will be just the right scent to accompany me to my small private party. So, my dear friends , this post is supposed to be very short, as I’m leaving to get ready, and instead of writing a detailed scent review I’d like to ask you – what perfume are you planning to wear for your next birthday? Is there a favorite “scent ID” that identifies and accentuates your personality, or perhaps there’s something that puts you “in character” for your special day?



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