Mancera – Aoud Café

MANC2 copyThe smell of good coffee in the early hours is dear to every Seattleite’s heart, and the golden bottle of Aoud Café is my favorite medicine for overcast days – it’s a festive joy of velvety dark roast bitterness with woody undertones and just the right amount of fruity and floral hints.

Actually, its sweetness is balanced so well with bitterness that I can’t really tell you which of those notes dominate this composition, and there is an interesting thing about this perfume – it sounds pretty even throughout the day. Meaning, the majority of it’s notes finish exactly as they start without fading and giving way to superseding layers. It doesn’t make it a boring perfume though, not at all – just makes it a reliable one 🙂 It’s “seriously” sweet, even delicious, but rich bitterness of oud will not let you drift away to a sugary candy land.


Peach, Blackcurrant, Bergamot,

Amber, Coffee,

Intense Oud, White Musk, Woody Notes

I do have to say this – even though the notes listed for the composition of Aoud Café mention no tobacco at all, I believe there is something in the union of musk, oud, and perhaps black currant, that just brings out that distinctive reminiscence of pipe tobacco, that either might or might not reveal itself depending on your skin type. So yes, do try to wear it on your skin long enough to be sure that this is not the case with you, unless you will truly find that revelation pleasant. I think it could be this peculiar feature that makes this fragrance either “love” or “hate” – some of my friends have complained thay can’t wear it exactly for that reason, while I absolutely love, love, love that subtle phantom note.

Furthermore, I often hear that bergamot note is hardly noticeable in this fragrance, and I’m very surprised – it is indeed, to me, one of the brightest nuances here. I could probably say, I sense as much of black aromatic bergamot tea as I do black coffee. Bergamot adds in elegance and lightness to the candied peaches, chocolaty coffee, and seductive oriental oud.

Although I do find the story behind Mancera and Montale brands pretty entertaining in it’s controversy, I would still much rather leave the privilege of commenting on it to others, and focus on the vast variety of their scents. It is actually Mancera’s Aoud line that made me deeply fall in love with ouds – one of the main components in fragrances of the Middle East.  If you are curious, Mancera offers a travel set of 5 fragrances that you get to choose yourself(!) here.



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