Sample Box: Fumerie November edition


I like to be surprised at times, and I believe sample boxes are fantastic for serving this purpose, without the inconvenience of leaving your home️. I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on Fumerie Parfumerie  November box for about a week now, as I took a day or two for each pair of scents to get acquainted. So what’s in the box?
1. Berdoues / Oud Wa Misk
2. Imaginary Authors / O, Unknown!
3. Liquides Imaginaires / Eau Arborante: Saltus
4. Profumum Roma / Confetto
5. Parfum d’Empire / Cuir Ottoman
6. Berdoues / Violette
7. Serge Lutens / Vétiver Oriental
8. Ormonde Jayne / Ta’if
9. Aedes de Venustas / Iris Nazarena

I did appreciate the variety of scents and notes presented in this mini collection. The ones that appealed the most to my taste were Serge Lutens’ Vetiver Oriental (of course, and it should be an addition to my collection of SL for sure): everything was beautiful, thoughtful about it – opening, middle notes, base, outstanding sillage and longevity. It was followed closely by Saltus, just based on the facts that it’s a woody scent, crafted pretty well, and on the scale of longevity it outlived everything else from the box. Violette opened with a generous portion of ozonic notes, but faded beautifully and evenly into a gentle violette that actually got much better as I wore it for a couple hours (I’m not a floral fan, but I can surely appreciate good work on those). Cuir Ottoman – what a curiosity! I loved the composition and would praise it even more if it lasted a little longer than 30 minutes on my skin. Oud Wa Misk was a time machine to me, that’s almost exactly the smell of one of my grandmother’s oriental perfumes (cannot recall the name). Ta’if – rather simple rose. O, Unknown! – unique as usual, very dry orris opening played some tricks with my nose. Confetto appeared to be too synthetic for me, and Iris Nazarena too powdery.

With all that said, I’m always happy with a box like that – that’s exactly what I order it for – to be amused, amazed and disappointed as well. I took an instant liking to the colors of presentation too. And actually, I’m really looking forward to visit Fumerie in the next couple weeks (they are located in Portland, OR) and see what they have in stock for the holidays 😉 Meanwhile, for those of you who appreciate conceptual perfume boutiques that go above and beyond in providing more than just standard retail services, I highly recommend visiting their website – there’s plenty of interesting and useful information for perfume enthusiasts.

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